Our collections are mostly sustainable, recycled and/or handmade. Peace Vibes believes that together we can achieve balance.
With less competition and more contribution we can create a better life and a happier planet.

Reduce – Recycle – Reuse – Respect

Recycle Brevard

Recycle Brevard is focused on reducing waste and promoting sustainable living through advocacy, action, and education. Our goal is to promote sustainable living and the 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle) in the community through educational programs that focus mainly on young children and their families, and through various projects in partnership with local schools and organizations.

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Brevard Humane Society

Since 1952, Brevard Humane Society has been finding homes as the oldest nonprofit no-kill animal shelter and sanctuary. We are dedicated to speaking for those who cannot speak for themselves. Moreover, we educate the community on responsible pet ownership and the humane treatment of animals.

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SOS Amazonia

We promote the conservation of biodiversity and the growth of environmental awareness in the Amazon. SOS Amazon understands that carry out initiatives for the conservation of the Amazon is the best way to value the world. Together we can do even more for the Amazon rainforest and its people.

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